Thursday, 5 February 2015

Cirque Du Soleil


Mum and I were so lucky to go see this.  Seeing Cirque Du Soleil has been on my bucket list for a life time.  I have seen it on the telly and just would have loved to have gone live.  My wish came true and although I wasn’t feeling my best, I still enjoyed it more than 100%.   It has been the only show I can recall that has left me wanting to see more.  It was amazing.  Unfortunately I can’t share any pictures as you wasn’t allowed any photography.  But I can give you a few words to sum up the evening.  Breath taking, heart stopping, magical, enchanting, hilarious, moving,.  Mum said it was fantastic, wonderful, excellent, best thing ever..  I have to agree.  The atmosphere made the dome swell and when I say my heart was in my mouth on more than one occasion it was true.  If you ever do something in your time then try and do this.  


Of course the selfie at the Albert Hall.  The weekend was definitely a weekend of firsts.  I stayed in a Holiday Inn in Shepperton, which was very clean and tidy, I slept through the afternoon trying to sleep off a groggy head, that’s not like me at all.  I went to Prezzo and had my first Italianio meal.  I visited the Royal Albert Hall and went to see Kooza.  I visited Covent Garden and watched the street performers.  So for me a truly Magical time. 

For more pictures on Kooza search in your browser for Kooza LOL!!!

Have fun xx

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  1. Cirque du soleil are amazing, I have seen them whilst in the States, so glad you had a nice time


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