Sunday, 5 February 2012

Banana wrapped in pancake

What a lovely Sunday!! I am sitting here all cosy after just finishing a superb Sunday roast, which I must say was absolutely scrummy yum yum..  Although with the gaps in my teeth I will probably be picking out pork for the next week.

So guess what happened???  It only went and done it didn’t it.  Yes! After months of promising the kids got their wish and the snow fell, and fell and fell.  Mum was on weather watch with my friend Gina who hates the snow… So every few minutes I have an update…  We call it Snow watch bwahahahaha! Anyhoooo we have snow..

I’ve not been upto much just practising my colouring and painting skills.  Inspired by Lena.  You should really check out her blog she is so talented..

Here is my feeble attempt at a little process of what I did.

I started with the leaves, usually I start with the hair. 

SDC11346SDC11348The Hair my favourite part.. 


The face I am really having trouble blending the right colours..  I am using Derwent Inktense which do throw out a really rich colour or INTENSE bwahahahahaha!


Flowers lastly..  I am not sure about them but ho hum.. 
I just have to do the background to make her pop but I want her really dry before I start sploshing about lol.

And just to make you really jealous NOM NOM NOM..  I love my mummy.. Banana wrapped in pancake with strawberries and cream *DIES*


Lastly in my business this week.  Oh wait no… I wasnt..  I did a little project that was in craft beautiful this month.

SDC11344 SDC11342SDC11343

This was sewwwwwwwww (exsquease the pun) simple even i managed it..


1.   Word processing program to make a word search
2.   One sheet of cotton sheets (I used A4 size from Crafty Paper)
3.   Printer
4.   Assorted coloured threads.
5.   Picture frame

Make the word search, print it, sew round the words or names whatev and then frame it TADAAAAAAAA

Happy days people xxx


  1. Those banana pancakes look scrummy! And what a clever little craft project, it looks SEW easy yet SEW effective!
    xXx Helen
    PS. Sorry, I couldn't resist!

  2. SEW funny Helen!

    I wonder how many sew puns there could be?

  3. Oh this is beautifully coloured and love the stitched crossword too :)

  4. Wow your girl turned out just gorgeous. She is really beautiful. I've never stuck a whole banana inside a pancake. My kids would love that hehe


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