Thursday, 23 February 2012

Most Embarrassing Moment of the Year!!

Nothing crafty to report, but I really must share my week so fart…  Get your favourite beverage and pull up a chair..

Monday was a lovely day, it went pretty well as my days do.  I went to work and decided on a soothing swim to see if I can sort this wretched leg of mine out.  Anyhoooooo those of you who know me, know my boobs could write their own blog cos they are so big.  Anyhooo so there I was in my most sexiest swimming cossy swimming happily away as you do when you are doing frog style.  I thought I would change stroke and do a few power lengths of front crawl.  Stopping to catch my breath I was watching the old guy coming along rather wobbly.. HMMM, when I looked down there were the girls swimming all by themselves how charming!!!!…  I hoisted them back into my cossy and swam very, very quickly away… I swear one of these days they are gonna take me to a high security unit..  Swimming swiftly along…..

Remember I can’t cook?  Yah that’s a pancake..  Lucky I am not a conformist and round ones are so boring…


After about 4987584546565565 I kinda got the circular thing bwahahahahahahaha…


Today I had my hair chopped off into EMO style its fabulous and I love it..


oh look at my doggy getting in on the act..  OH and my wardrobe door open tut..  LOL my hand looks like one of them giant hands you get at football..  Anyhooo I am off for now..  I have a few projects I want to finish x


  1. I don't think it matters whether your boobs are big or small bathing costumes are not made to contain them unless you buy the super expensive ones designed for olympic swimmers! I bet you made that old guy's day!
    I like your new hair style. I don't really have a style. Fringes drive me mad so my hair is either super short or super long so that it is able to be kept out of my face. I do hate the growing out stage in between.
    xXx Helen

  2. Love your hair, it looks cute from what I can see. I prefer your first pancake. It sort of looks like an Attacking Blob of Death! I highly recommend drawing a matching face onto it with syrup or whatever you put on top. It disturbs those around you and that's always a good time!


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