Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Feel For Myself….


Happy Sunday one and all.  I would like to say it feels a lot like spring!!! Isn’t that wonderful.  The sun is shining away and blow me down with a feather even though the temperature is still a bit chilly but the sun is really lovely and warm coming in through the window.

I’ve been really busy this week.  I’ve had the boys home for half term school holidays.  Char went off to his nan’s for the week and is back today.  It’s been great, as we all needed a well earned rest from him (not meaning that in an awful way, but autism does sometimes get the better of things) anyhoo!  I spent some quality time with my baby.  We went to see, Tangled 3D and Gnomeo and Juliet 3D.


I also have a confession.  After Lucy showed off her wonderful Debbie Bliss Andes yarn, I had to have a feel for myself.  So while I was out and about I saw some at a yarn shop but was like falling over with shock at the price which I must say is well over priced at £6.10 a hank.  Good old trusty google.  I had a look and found that HCS crafts do the exact same wool for £4.90 a hank wooooooooohoooo!!.  I found a really lovely pattern from Sarah London, and as I am a bigger girl it is going to take more wool and time, but the pattern I picked is going to be worth it and really easy too.  I decided to make myself a jumper/cardigan for the spring.  I picked some amazing colours, although I think they are more Autumn colours, I don’t care.  The feel of this wool is wonderful.


The kids are back at school tomorrow, and me back to work. I have a super busy week.  Wednesday I am back at the hospital about the old wrist yippee!! Lets hope they can fix it.  Thursday it’s Mum’s 98th 64th birthday, I hope she likes the surprise I got her. Friday I am back to see nurse Debbie.

I’m still smoke free.  Is it any easier? Yes it is getting easier, I’ve worked out instead of having something to eat, I do a bit on my lovely jumper lol.  So it’s my jumper is really coming along fast.  Although sadly I have put on a bit of weight.  But that’s because the metabolism does slow down and also that ciggies can act as a laxative.  Anyhoooo I am 8 days free.  And I will not go back.  I will battle it and conquer it and when I feel that I have successfully done it, I am going to then move on to my weight problem.

I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful week.  OOOO And hopefully I will have finished up my heart cushion to show you, all I need to do now is add some buttons x


  1. Have you tried Jannette's Yarns? It's like an online factory shop with Rowan, Debbie Bliss etc. Her service is excellent.

    Well done on the no smoking!

  2. Thank you for the support. No I haven't checked out Jannette's Yarns, I shall have a quick skip over there. Thanks Sian for the linkypoo xx

  3. Hey Sian could you give me the linky doodle please. Thanks x


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