Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hoo Are You #38

1. What is your favorite magazine?

Well My fave magazine is Your Home.  The reason why is because, it has normal homes in there for inspiration, and craft bits you can do and even a little bit of cookery.  Yeah I really love it.  The things in this mag are easily achievable and realistic and reasonably priced.

2. What color are your eyes?

I have dark brown eyes.  I wish I had blue or green or even black.  I don’t really like the colour of my eyes there is no va va voom in them lol!

3. Do you go to the dentist on a regular 6 month schedule, or do you put it off?

I am terrified of the dentist’s.  I was starting to over come my fear until one dentist started drilling away at my tooth which wasn’t numbed and caused me loads amounts of pain.  Now I do go when I am called and if there are any problems before hand I go straight away..

4. Do you use anything to make your house smell good?
ex: candles, spray,etc...

Yes, I use spray’s and candles and puffers.  Underneath me lives and asian family who use lots of spices which don’t always smell fabulous.  So I do use a lot of spray.  I use the febreeze one now it’s the only one who doesn’t give me a head ache.

5. Do you have any pets?

YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH My babino Rosie Pickles.. 

This is a picture of her when she was a wee one.



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  1. Will you keep bugging me until I make a dentist appointment? I also need to make one with my allergy doctor and my OB. =)

    Your puppy is SOOOO cute!


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