Sunday, 27 March 2011

still not smoking

Helllllllooooo..  Happy Sunday.  The spring is definitely beginning.  Although I always feel scared to start dressing cooler in case the weather turns lol..

Anyhooo I have had a really good week.  I’m that makes is 5 weeks yesterday.  And now I have started to think about my weight.

I have begun a new blog that is protected, so I can share all my fat bits and know the whole world isn’t going to be mocking me.  It’s private so you need to get my permission.  All you have to do is send me your email so I can approve it.

Other than that my week has been very quiet.. I’m off to try and get some more of this jumper finished…


  1. Well done on the no smoking front thats fantastic, you're doing so well!
    Good luck with your weightloss blog, it's always good to read how other people are getting on xx

  2. Awesome about the not smoking Flutt! Right now I'm trying to lose weight (I háve to, health issues), after that it's the smoking that I have to conquer.
    Hats off to you!!

  3. Thanks guys.. It's nice to know I have the support. Twon I found the smoking so easy. I don't think the weight loss is going to be easy at all.

  4. Holy cow, you go girl! You're totally rocking the no smoking thing. I'm so very proud of you and a tad bit envious too! LOL. Smoking is dang near impossible to give up but you're doing so great with it and making it seem so easy. ^5!! xoxo

  5. It is love, much more than frickin dieting I can tell ya lol xx


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