Sunday, 20 March 2011

…making me a gruffalo

Happy Sunday!! Another springy day in Clacton.  I must say that there are more and more sunny days.  We did have some dreary ole days earlier in the week, but the sun has shone really nicely over the weekend.

This week was a funny ole week. It flew by and I have been up to date with all my chores, which means that today I can have a totally lazy day indeed.  I like that though, the days where you can either spend it being a couch potato or if you choose running around the park.  You know the days where it’s a total blank until you get up in the morning and decide.  My favourite. 

Anyhooooo I’m up to day 29 on the no smoking yay me.  And wait for it (drum roll please) NO patches either.  Nope, none! Remember me saying it was a funny ole week, well yes indeedy for me it was anyway lol..  I forgot to put on the patch for a day and then I though hmmmm do I actually need this patch.  ERRRR NO..  I did spend a few days being a little touchy right ole grouch.  But we all did survive it and I do feel better for it.  Unfortunately my weight has ballooned to record heights.  I mean before I was just fat now I’m like a space hopper hahahahaha!! So I did speak to my nurse Debbie who helped me with the smoking (Not to smoke but to stop smoking) She also does the fat clinic, although it isn’t called the fat clinic it’s called something else but I can’t quite remember.  Anyhooo I am waiting for those guys to call me.  I really have to tackle this weight, I’m totally sick to death of it and it is making me a gruffalo.

My new bed came this week and my sewing table OH.. EM.. GEE!! It’s the nuts.  My sewing table that is ha ha ha..  OHHHHHHHHH just looky, looky, look look………………….


Nosy dog never came with it, I had that all along!


I can hide my machine away from all the dust and stuff, I can use it for cutting, I can use it for other crafts.  The best thing is that I slip nicely under it and my back isn’t humped over like something out of the Dark Crystal.  Well it’s still humped seen as I am part camel, but I digress… Point is I super love it, but I am scared to use it lol.  I dunno if I have totally lost the plot, but I don't want to spoil it lol

So on the make this week I’m still crocheting away on the cardi, but I am getting to piece all the squares together which is starting too look like something other than millions of squares.

The Sleeve looking rather frilly..


I’ve started on my gorjuss girl that I brought form the craft show..


I really love the cuff on my new bed sheet, it’s sassy and florally lol!


And we all love free gifts and I received this lovely one from Simply Homemade Magazine, which is really impressive, much better than Making which has turned out to be a bit disappointing.


Anyhooo off for some yummy spotty dick and custard..

Have a fabooooooooo week xx


  1. Wow sounds like you've managed to cram so much in this weekend! Good for you, well done on the patches, i've never been a smoker so havent a clue what you're going through but well done! Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog, they made me smile xx

    p.s i've also subscribed to that mag, hoping to try out a bit of knitting...eeek!!

  2. Yes, I thought Making was a bit disappointing too.

    Enjoy that new crafting table - it looks fab!

  3. Hi, I've just discovered your blog & thought Id say Hi :D looks like you have just as many projects on the go as I do! LOL although I dont do crochet (... yet) but love how the sleeve has turned out! and am thinking I may have to give it a try as it looks so much quicker than knitting!
    I love how your heart cushion turned out too.

  4. Hellllllooo Guy's.. Thanks for the lovely posts.

    Mrs Shilts - Nawwww I never cram I just tend to get done. I have not found it as hard to give up smoking as I will to get rid of the stinking weight. I am not much of a knitter. I find knitting doesn't grow fast enough for me x

    Sian - I have subscribed to making for the year. I have all the mag's and if you know anyone who would like them I will be willing to pass them on.

    Hiya Wendie, and welcome to my blog, it's great to see you here. Crochet is so easier and I find it so much quicker than knitting. Plus I have been knitting for ever and recently learned to crochet and find it easier than knitting. I hope that works out for you xx

  5. Groovy sewing table. Flutt you are Suzie Homemaker now! *giggles and slaps ya in the head*

    Have a good day sweetpea

  6. Is she like Bree from desperate housewives.. Cos I feel more like Susan from across the road lol x


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