Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Scales are Mental!


HMMMMM!!! HMMMMM! I dunno but I think my scales are mental.  I started cutting down my food intake, ok then I started dieting again yesterday. I really need to kick this bugger in to touch. And I seem to have put on 1/2lb…………… that’s a bit dodgy innit LOL! I even went out for a walk, albeit 10 minutes, but it’s 10 minutes more than the day before.  I am hoping that shape up (obesity clinic referred by the nurse) will ring soon, I really want to get this weight sorted.  Being Morbidly obese is not funny these days.  I can feel every pound on every joint. It’s effecting everything. I feel so wretched.  But the cycle continues.  I broke the smoking habit, so why do I struggle to diet?  I have no idea!!

Anyhooooo sorry for the moan..  I’ve got my chin up and I will not let this beat me..  Anyhooo let’s see if today is any better.  I just had my coco pops with skimmed milk.  YUMMY!!!


  1. cocopops! LOL 'diet' is such a dirty four letter word eh? I'd never been on one out of choice until a few months ago but am now having to :-( its not about cutting down on your food intake so much as changing it forever! are you following a 'pay money for weekly nagging' type diet or doing it yourself? I'm doing it myself and am just replacing everything for lower fat varieties, replacing crisps with an apple etc (and cocopops for shredded wheat LOL) am eating loads more veg and am losing a lb a week! not much but still a loss & if I did more excercise I know I'd lose more. Anyways... best of luck, tis never easy x

  2. You know, my cholesterol was borderline so I started eating less junk, really watched my diet carefully... lotsa fruits and veggies, less meat and dairy, etc. Too bad it went up 20 points. Bleck. I am convinced eating cheeseburgers once a week lowers mine by raising my happiness quota hehe.

  3. LOL!! What are we like... I have sooooooooooooo gotta shift some weight. I've been really good but it's still going on. I'm wondering if it's medical????

    Wendie I have shifted all my stuff to lower fat products or made from scratch. And coco pops are not really high in fat if you have a small bowl. LOL!!

    WHAT!! Your cholesterol went up 20 points? hmmmmm You gotta stop the drinking then lol x

  4. You nutter. LOL. Scarfing down a bowl of coco pops with skimmed milk does not make them a healthy food. You answered your own question about what's wrong with the scale.

    I know it REALLY sucks but you have to look at much more than just fat content. Carbs and sugar are turned to fat in our bodies if we do not burn what we eat. Yes, coco pops are very yummy but they are not a good idea. Just a small serving of them spikes our glucose levels which demands a boost in insulin. It will also encourage you to eat more and be hungry much sooner than if you had chosen a much healthier option.

    I know it sounds really mean but junk goes in, junk comes out. Then there's the saying "what you eat in private is what you wear in public". They both pretty much mean the same thing but give us something to think about.

    Instead of coco pops try an egg white omelette made with one whole egg and 4 or 5 egg whites. Toss in a ton of your favorite veggies and/or extra lean ham. You can even cook it in the microwave with NO oil added! Or try a nice hot bowl of homemade oatmeal with fat free no sugar added yogurt, berries or fruit on top (no sugar or cream added by you before you eat it though. LOL). You'll be filling your body with really good things and you'll go much longer without being hungry too. Your scale will show promising results in no time too! xoxo

  5. I would never be described as having a weight problem, but I do have a few extra kilos that I am sloooowly getting rid of post pregnancy. I find that for me just buying ingredients rather than snacks or ready made meals is the key to losing weight. If you don't have any rubbish in the house you can't eat it. If you want to eat something sweet like biscuits or a cake you have to make them yourself, and even though you still have sugar and butter etc in the baked goods, it is still way more healthy than those you buy (and usually more yummy). A guide to the scales too - weigh yourself at roughly the same time each day, or whatever your schedule is, because our bodies fluctuate during the day, it's perfectly normal.

  6. Hi Sweet thanks for stopping by, it's great to see you. I have been baking my own stuff forever as I don't like not knowing whats in it. Thanks for the advice it is nice to get others opinions x


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