Sunday, 17 April 2011

Charlie who is bonkers

WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! I’m so happy it’s sickening *hands everyone a pink fluffy bucket with sparkling gems on it*

How are you all this week??.  I can’t remember the last time, I blogged, but since last time so much has happened, quick go and make a cuppa and I’ll tell you all about it..

This is the first week of the Easter Holidays, it has flown by but, I really have been proactive.. I mean super proactive.. Like sickly proactive you get where I am going here…… I found out what is wrong with my foot, I have the good old Plantar Factitious..  Pain is the operative word here, so while I’m off I am trying to rest is as much as possible.  I have been given a night splint and also exercises to help heal it..

Charlie who is bonkers chilling out!
Ma bambino!!SDC11108

I actually used my sewing table for the very first time.. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I made the boys a skirt for their bed.  I was just totally fed up to the back teeth of looking at the toot under it, so if I can’t keep it tidy, hiding it seemed the best way.



We went in to Colchester this week to my most fave shop and of course everything is based around London at the moment because of the royal wedding (I’m not really a monarchy lover, on the other hand mummypoo is).  Charlie absolutely loves anything Union Jacky so it was perfect.


I know you are jealous of me sewing table, I can tell!


So here it is all finished..  How I did was easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

  1. I stuck on the sticky velcro tape to the bed, dead easy…
  2. I measured the length and doubled adding a 1/4 inch hem on all hemlines. 
  3. To the front of the fabric I added velcro tape.  Sewed in place and then pulled it like a curtain tab until I got a lovely gather. 
  4. Stuck the velcro tape together Bob’s your Uncle and Fanny’s your aunt, one bed skirt all neat and tidy.


For my grand finale..  *hears heavenly trumpets playing in the background* I finally after 8 months finished my mummypoo’s lap blanket.  Well it was supposed to be a bed blanket but I got so bored with it lol I told her “oh look a lovely lap blanket for when your sitting there with a nip in the air”  Yes the eyes did go rolling round her head, but she loves it anyhoo ha ha ha!!!

Today I am finishing off my granny square cardi.  No I’m not showing it you yet you can see it when it’s all done.  I also cleared out 2 shelves of books and magazines, they are all off to the charity..  Now I’m watching The Tudors and chillaxing…

Off for now hope to see you soon. Oh and a big thank you to my little following friends, I really appreciate it.  It’a really nice to know I’m not a boring old fart. MEH!!!

Have a great week xxxx


  1. Your ripple afghan is absolutely gorgeous!! Can't wait to see your cardigan! xx

  2. Yes, I am jealous of your sewing table and I WANT ONE! Love the ripple, really can't get enough of them. I'm making my latest one in cotton and it's lovely. Rachael Xx

  3. Thanks whimsy pimsy.. I miss your blog.. :o(

    I knew there would be jealousy lol!! I bet cotton feels great.. I'm using andes yarn at the mo and it's reallllllly soft. Thanks for your visit rachel xx

  4. Love the "skirt" - and my son has that stripey carpet in his room too!

  5. Love the bed skirt, how cool is that! Wouldn't dare think about what boys keep under their bed! If hubby is anything to go by from his uni years it'll be empty mould infested mugs and kept hidden methinks x

  6. I am not even going to go there with whats under there. No wonder boys stink.. Thats all I am going to say lol.x

  7. Oh flutt you big snailhead, your blanket turned out wonderful. What a huge undertaking that must have been. Turned out great. I am sure she adores it :)


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