Thursday, 28 April 2011

bless her manky knickers

This is me playing with my zoom zoom button on my camera……


This is mum giving me the evil’s..  How encouraging is she…  Actually though bless her manky knickers, she is really unwell at the moment.  After a few days of moaning and groaning about her ear aching, I finally snapped at her this morning to go and see the doctor *insert a few swear words*.  She went and was diagnosed with infection in both ears and was given hundreds of antibiotic’s..  Anyhooo less about her more about me..

How was your Easter?  Ours was pretty quiet like everything else we do, well quiet for us anyway lol..  We was off for ever and I did get so much done over the holiday’s it was really great.  I rested up my manky old foot and did loads of chores.. Back to work this week on Tuesday.  It was absolutely fabulous seeing everyone and the kids..  I love them all to bit’s. They all are so funny..  I must be the only person who loves going to work.  DO you love your job, or is a job you hate that you have no choice but to do?

I wanna show you something..


Do you like it?


Are you jealous?


You want one don’t you?


The colours are much better in life.  Would you like a closey?


Do you like that frilly edgy piece?


I really like this..  It’s kinda a put together with a pattern I used from Sarah London..  I kinda fiddled about and came up with this.. And Lucy inspired me for the wool.  So every one is a winner.. 

Especially me!

So the whole country has got the day off for the Royal Wedding!!


I’m not really a weddingy person, but mum is and so the TV will be on all day..  I’m off shopping, then I’m gonna sort out my closet and probably so something really mundane, like start some slip covers or something.  Who know what I will get up to!! What are you plan’s for the weekend?

So another long weekend for us as it is bank holiday on Monday..  We wont be doing anything as it’s a big year for me..  Char turns 18 and Sonny 14 so lots of pennies around June time, which I am saving for.

Well I am off now to discuss important things with my parent like, footstools and slip covers lol..

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you do xx


  1. Definitely jealous... I may just have to give it a try :)

  2. Ooooo that is beautiful, looks nice and cozy and warm.

    Luv ya

  3. Happy Mommy's Day! :)

  4. Love your new cardi!!! its worked out a treat, so very colourful, its perfect :D

  5. Thanks Wendie and Welcome to Life's a Beach! It's a personal Achievement. I kinda made it up as I went along LOL!!

    Thanks for visiting xx


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