Monday, 23 May 2011

I blog because I love blogging

Hello Loves..  I hope you are all well.  I myself have been very well as you do when you are busy you haven’t got the time to be ill LOL!!

Anyhoooo I have been super busy, well busyish.  I am doing my quilt along quilt, which is taking up swooper amounts of my time and I’m also resting up my foot. (Yes I’m still in agony.)

Today I joined in a class at school, I was all excited over the weekend, and how much has changed..  I went into a biology class with Mr Cook who said I was very welcome to join him if I wanted.  Well of course I wanted, I was invited to be present for a dissection of the heart, how gruesome is that?.  Not as gruesome as you think, a bit like cutting meat up.  But before I go on lets go back, hmmmmm (thinks hard) about 20 years.. I messed about at school, I never did very well due to the fact that I did have special needs (ADD), which is really no excuse, even so I miss out on a lot.  Working at the school gives me these opportunities to learn things.  I absolutely loved the lesson and I loved being in the lesson too.  I have been mulling over working as an LSA.. Maybe something to think about in the future, when I’m so much brighter..  Anyhooooo I couldn't believe how well behaved the classes were in comparison to when I was at school.  Children these days get so much help and so many opportunities to really bloom, I hope they take that opportunity. 

Rightio back to the crafty stuff in life..


I made some really lovely Lemonade.  There is nothing better and it’s easy as pie.  Cut up your lemons, I had 3 here for about 1.5 litres of water, then bring it to the boil adding sugar to taste.  I use granulated light sugar which brought it out just as nice. Simmered for about 30 minutes left to cool and then stuffed in the fridge to get icy cold..  YUM YUM..  Easy as that!


Now remember I told you I am joining the Quilt Along which Shruti is holding.  Well this is the first of about a million squares that I have cut and pieced back together. Yes some of them are super wonky, and some just wonky *grins*

This is my finished block.. I’m so loving the colours xxxxx Love you Colours


This is the beginning of my zigzag edging.  I’m doing 2, 50 x 50 inch ones that's a hell of a lot of squares *sigh* Which I am still ironing and cutting to size..


Anyhoo I don’t know when I will be able to get back..  But I hope not to be as long as I was last time..  My life comes before my blog and I am not obliged to blog, I blog because I love blogging xx

Have fun till next time we meet my lovely readers xxx


  1. Don't tell yourself that you are not bright... Studying doesn't make you bright it just gives you knowledge to retain. It is the ability to process the information that determines whether you are smart. I have no doubt that if you are really excited and really keen to become an LSA then you will do so. I'm not sure what the initials stand for but I expect it is a teacher's aide or a teacher. Am I right?

    I think your quilt is beautiful. Such bright colours. I love bright colours. And such a lot of work to do too. The thought of doing all that fiddly sewing gives me hives!
    xXx Helen

  2. Yes that's right Helen. LSA stands for Learning Support Assistant. I hear what you are saying, but my confidence is still really low. However it is coming back slowly.

    As for the quilt.. Fiddly it is. But saying that I haven't lost interest yet, I am making 2 quilts which is taking over my life and the house lol.. But it's only for a few weeks.. I am the slowest project person in the world. Becasue I do these crafty things as a hobby not as a business, I can take my time and it's so relaxing.

    Thank you for your comment, it's nice to know someone is reading xx


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