Monday, 11 April 2011

It goes all lovely until……

Howdy do dah.  I hope you are all well, I am sure you are..  I mean how lovely has the weather been.  Last week was the last week of school before the spring break and it was absolutely gorgy. So gorgy that the sun burnt my arm, so I un earthed my sun cream (factor 50 and total block lol) and dusted off a few summer things and off to work I went.  It’s nice how the kids become all lazy when the sun comes out.  The girls working on their fake tans and the boys being horribly annoying as they do..

I did win a tin of sweeties.  Gina my lovely little friend bought me some raffle tickets, (simple cos she knew I would forget like I do everything) and I won..  She don’t know yet.  But I am being way to good I have kept them and they are still sealed.. YES they ARE!!! Anyhoo I’m going to take them back into work and share them out rather than gobble them all myself, which is actually tempting..  But no!! I am still battling the bulge, which you can read all about over there.

How easy is this pattern that the lovely Alice has shared with us and why am I going wrong LOL!! Somewhere I am having a mental breakdown and not counting properly..


It goes all lovely until row 8 then suddenly falls apart. 
(Hmmm!! It looks a bit royal weddingy doesn’t it?)


Mum has gone off to a meeting and when she gets back we are going to do the pattern together. (She reads, I crochet, her crochet is much neater than mine, you can really see the difference, from the moon see the difference….)

Hopefully I will be able to share the finished piece once I have finished farting about with it. It’s getting on my nerves a little bit, but I will not be defeated by a granny hahahahaha!

Yabby Dabby Dooooo!


  1. Obviously too many stitches somehow. Are you meant to do 3 into EVERY space? I have to say, even Alice's looks a little frilly when she's finished...

  2. AHA - think I've found your problem! That 8th round is not the same as the 5th - it seems to be a double group and then a single, but you've made it all doubles... or at least you've treated the single groups as if they had a centre space...


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