Monday, 2 July 2012

A Week of Dying

Hello Little blog readers..  How the heck are you?  I hope all is well as it is here, well as well as it could be over the last week or so…

I have been the perfect headless chicken as you do when you have 3 birthdays, 4, colds, a dog leg trapped in a recliner, collecting and preparing for relay for life weekend, collecting for the charity boot sale (garage sale for the American's), making a few cards, posting parcels and in between all that going to work..  WHEWWWWWWWY!!!! Yahhh pretty busy……

So last friday number one baby had an asthma attack due to a wonderful cold he has.  Up to casualty I go to get him nebulised.  Back home sleep one minute 5 sec’s, I am now wide awake BOOOOOOO… Up early singing happy birthday to a dying child man he turned 19… Plans all cancelled but he did get up to open cards and pressies.

By Monday I am dying of a cold.  Tuesday Sonny turned 15, croaked a happy birthday to him and explained sorry I may be dead when you come home..  Ok he says and goes off to school.  Thursday mum is now dying of cold, *sigh* and back to the weekend and Sonny is all full of cold.  Saying that in our week of dying, the poor doggy decided to sit under my recliner and of course when I was running to the toilet with stomach flu, I accidently caught her back leg in the chair. 

The good news is now Monday a new week and we are all still alive, just, but we all made it though.

Anyhoooooo I did manage to finish up lots of projects.  I think its because I just could not be bothered to do any housework/chores I just did the basics. I made this birthday card, simple and I am learning to use promarker pens, which I have had for a millennium and this little treasure from Mo’s I must say I find Mo’s stuff really affordable and original..  Just saying…


This was just a letter of thanks to Amanda and Phil who put up with us when we visited them in Somerset.


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  1. Ewww I hope things calmed down a bit for you. Lovin the little chubby legs on that girl. She turned out great!


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