Sunday, 15 July 2012

Someone Special

I have chosen my little doggie poggie Rosie Pickles for this one..  I don't really have a special someone so the dog is the nearest thing to my translation anyway..
She has a character that matches mine, a little bit dim, a little bit laid back and lots of crazy.  I fall over her most days.  She follows me where ever I go, to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to bed, to get the mail.  She helps with the housework, the ironing, the cooking, the laundry, she chastises the boys when they argue, she chases the birds and barks at every little teeny thing (GRRR)  She likes cuddles and she is very spoiled and demanding, but saying that she knows who the boss is..  She listens without commenting, and she is great to dry your eyes with when you are feeling a little tearful..  The best thing about her, she is always consistent in her ways. To me she is my best friend and I love her to bits that crazy dog…
Here is my Smash*Aholics 30 day challenge number 4…

Thank you for looking x

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  1. Aw Paula this is goregous, I really fancing doing some of this as I used to do loads of scrapbooking so thanks for the inspiration its brilliant hunnie big huggies June xxxxx


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