Friday, 16 July 2010

deep joy mixed with enthusiam and a dash of deflation.

So at very last, it has happened. I waved fairwell to my builder and a strange feeling washed over me. The feeling I feel is deep joy mixed with enthusiam and a dash of deflation. By this I mean I am overjoyed with the results of my house and it's still so very new and all I can do with it now is improve on it. I am enthusiastic with the fact I can actually get back to my normal life but at the same time I feel very deflated becasue where do I go from here? I think I am going to take time to reflect and get used to my new surroundings. Does this make any sense to you at all? Oh well it does to me ha ha ha ha!!

Ok here's another peek at the things I have been collecting over the months.

This is my living room light. Oh it took me forever to find a nice one that was not too modern and not too tacky looking. Anyhooo I liked this light from Homebase. It looks lovely at night, the bulbs are bright enough to be able to see, yet not as bright as Blackpool illuminations.

LOL yes I got this from a little vintage shop in Frinton on Sea. You know when sometimes you think hmmmm I might have made a mistake, especially when you want to redial. Well I love it!! It's wonderfully pink and sits perfectly by my bed. All I need is a pair of them high heeled fluffy slippers, some rollers and bright red lipstick and I could pass as a 1950's pin up lol!

Ok not a new thing but still a lovely old jug. It came from my mum's kitchen and I stole it for the table in the kitchen..

Well I am going to do some well earned crafting. I don't know what I'm going to do as of yet..

Oh and before I go, just a quick questions. Does anyone know where I can make some like minded friends online? If you do can you drop me a line to tell me where. Thank you muchly x


  1. Awwwwww I am so in love with the pinkiness things you have going on there, especially that phone.

    I am so happy for you that the building is over with, and I know you will find something to keep you occupied and you will find out where to go.

    Luv ya

  2. I LOVE these! I would love to have things like this in my house, but my time will come. Great finds.

  3. Hi Claire welcome to my blog.. You know what, I am terrible at finding things, so when I do actually stumble across something that tickles my fancy, I go nuts lol..

    Thank you for your comment it is much appreciated x


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