Sunday, 27 June 2010

Time to Relax

Happy Sunday everyone. I am having a day off. Yes I deserve it. I am just having a day to myself.. The reason is Bloody Blimey Ooooeeeer what a week I had lol!!.. I really did not stop. If I wasn't shopping then I was baking and if not baking, I was decorating. Charlie turned 17 wednesday, and Sonny turned 13 Saturday. So 2 birthday's one party and out for a meal. My bedroom has been done now. It has turned out wonderful. I have just the frontroom and hallway to complete and that's my lot. I can't wait. I am sick to death of it.. *SIGH* anyhoo on the lighter note I will have a fabulously glossy home. I might send off to one of them home mags to show it off..

So I thought instead of giving you loads of waffle about what I did, wouldn't it be nice just to show you.. So we here goes

A crochet square... NOT ha! I have worked the pattern out now lol.

A lovely evening walk along the beach. ( feet super sore after though)

Rogue wave soaks Sonny, I think there is another one creeping up *hums Jaws theme*

Enuff said Guv'

That walk back up from the beach is a son of a gun!

Blueberry cookies for the oldies at mum's work place.

Yummy summer cake alert for Mum's friend Helen, who went back to the Phillipeans (spelling is not my fortay!)

Drool, drool, slobber, slurp!

My little crafty space. A blank canvas to delish up.

Enuff said Guv'

The last room..

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. Lets hope the sun stays out too xxxx

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