Sunday, 6 June 2010

I blog because....

I was over at Pip's today reading her post about why she blog's.  I decided that I also wanted to reflect on why I blog.  So here is my little post on why I blog

I blog because :

I love to write, but wish to improve on that finding my own style.
I love to share new things I have learned
I love to share what I am upto and maybe just make one person smile
I love to talk about  the people who make me happy
I love to find ways to meet people


  1. Mostly same as you ..... love to write, finding a way to express my feelings or things I've seen/like .... to share about anything I've appreciated .... and surely just for me, my own pleasure ..

    In your case, I love reading you because it's always "life", well there is movement in your style ... and it improves my english (lol)
    Continue blogging sweetie !

  2. Awwwww thanks Nad, that really means a lot to me.. I dunno about there is always movement but there is definately some life.. I think life is what you make it.. Once you have shovelled out all the poo from your life then you can start living.... And let me tell you I have shovelled many a poo LOL!! x


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