Sunday, 6 June 2010

No DIY posts today.  I'm having a day off completely.  No paint, sanding, wallpaper, drilling, screwing (with a screw driver you dirty pervs) NO NOTHING.  I think I am way over due a little me time.  So where do I spend it LOL..  Cleaning, ironing, and now blogging.  ha ha ha Life is a Beach is it not?

Isn't that lovely carving of my finger?  I thought for my newest craft I would start carving up my fingers into different shapes.  I must tell you it's rather painful.  But here is the true story lol.. last night while I was cutting up onions of all things, I happily slid the knife through my finger, I pleasently skipped to the sink to wash it before continuing chopping that onion. Ok it was nothing like that in a pleasant kind of way, more like I had to press my lips together and skuttle to the sink where I thought I might need a blood transfusion and cursing the pesky knife.  But with a good ole English stiff upper lip, I did continue (with a plaster on of course, I mean who wants my blood in their onions?)

please excuse the bloodstained nail and bad manicure.

My crotcheting is really coming along fab000000-li here's a look at the next section of squares I have done.

I learned how to put in bobbles..  And yes it's wonky for those of you with eagle eyes, who notice these little wonky bits.

This is treble twist stitch, which look like cornrolls and has a really nice texture to it.  I really enjoyed this stitch it was very easy to do.

Another Granny, different from the last, it took me four attempts. but once I was off there was no stopping me.. I have trouble with the circle lol.

Finally a little half treble square..  I have no idea what this throw will look like when it's all sewn, but already I am so proud of it..  This year one of my goals were to learn to crotchet and although I may not be the neatest, I know I have learned..

Anyhoo I am off to do some dinner and I'm also going to play around with my blog.  Have a great week and hope to catch up with you guys soon.. xx

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