Sunday, 30 May 2010

And I do it well!

Hello and welcome to my bloggy bum bum.  Thank you for the new visitors who have taken the time to come see me.  I hope you enjoy it..  Please feel free to leave a comment even if it's to say hi.  If you have a blog I would love to come visit you too.. Let me know.

So the last week has been on a slow down.  It really feels that nothings is getting done, but so many things have been done.  So did any of that make any sence at all?  No! Good then we are all on the same page.

Well here are the latest updates..  There are still a few bits and pieces left in the kitchen to do so still no completed pics yet! *sigh*  I painted the bathroom a really nice blue from dulux called Powder Blue.  I also painted the inside of my cupboard which houses my dryer and lots off toot.  I painted the walls just a lovley sparkly clean white and after spending a little time sanding down the shelves, I painted them babe blue, willow green and something or other violet lol

Here's the proof.

(Yes I am that great I can handle a camera and a sander..  And I do it well)

A blue one...

A violet one ..

A green one, which is still drying lol..

I so love this colour, I thought it would have been very cold being blue.  But I suprised myself, it's very fresh, clean and yet warm and cosy colour...

In the midst of the turmoil, I did manage to practise n my crocheting.  This is the newest square on my Art of Crotchet series..  I really like this series, and mum has approved too.  Although every mag it teaches me a new stitch it also teaches me how to make other things too.  I really would recommend it to a beginner.  Or someone who wants to learn more stitches.  It's done me a real turn..

I have no idea what stitch this is called LOL!! But you can see the start was a bit loose and wobbly but by the end of the square it's nice and neater..

I'm just gonna stick another quicky blog in before I retire to bed..  I hope you all have a great fabby week xx


  1. I adore all of the colors! You've done a really awesome job. You go girl!

    You're doing incredibly well with your crochet! look how far you've come in only a short time. Woot woot. I went looking for the crochet magazine you spoke of, found it and it's not available in Canada. Pooh! I was so excited about it too, darn it. Some of the stitch work you've been doing is really gorgeous and inspiring! Keep it up.

    I don't know if you got my FB note but I wanted to let you know that my blog is still open/available. Even though I have lots to blab about I find it hard to post lately. I was also working behind the scenes this last couple of weeks to make it all purdy and inviting. I have it where I want it now but still lack some plugins. (There's a few I can't even find any more. LOL.) It's getting there though and I look forward to sitting down to use it most likely as early as tomorrow morning. :D

    Hopefully you're sneaking in some rest as you go along with your renovations. You really are doing a fabby job but take it easy when you can, 'kay?

    Love ya!
    Whimsy xoxo

  2. oh !! You will have a nice and colorful sweet home ! Each color makes it cosier (cosy-er ... more cosy .. oh well my english !) ... Well done on the square (on my own I'm null in that ) Have a nice week !


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