Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Oh for the love of anything!

Hi guys I hope you all have been good.  No photo's today, I can't find my camera, I think it's in a draw which has a work top infront of it lol..  So  just a quicky update just to let you know I'm still alive and kicking..

After a week of no builder my patience has started to wear thin with the mess but I keep looking at the bright side..  I will have a really nice home full of colour.  We finally chose our sofa, which will be here at the beginning of july.  The kitchen was delievered yesterday and the appliances are to be delivered for tomorrow.  It's amazing how much you can fit into a 2 bedroom flat lol..  Mum has found a spot to iron, which is an absolute miracle.  LOL!!

I hope you have a great week and hopefully some pics and progress next week from me.

I'm so missing crafting its unreal lol

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