Monday, 14 January 2013

I bought this light box

to take photo’s and it’s totally naff.  It wasnt white all round the bottom was grey and it was POO..  But I tried it.  I will tell you I got it from Maplin in the UK.. It may work for you but for me it really made my picture stink…


It looks very greyed out.  I am going to take a picture in the morning of the same card and see how it turns out.  Maybe you can let me know what you think.

Anyhoooo I am proud of my baby today who received an interview for college.  *sniff* They grow up so fast….  Anyhooo that's for the 29th of January.

What are you guys proud of today?


  1. Hmm maybe you can cover the grey parts of the box with white cardstock? How exciting for your son interviewing for college =D!! Good luck to him!

  2. morning sweetie this is just gorgeous, love your details, I just use a bit of white card behind and under my card and a daylight lamp, I didnt like my light tent at all, in fact the cats used it more than me :0)) huggles Pops x x x

  3. gorgeous card paula.adorable image.i use the white card and daylight lamp too and at the mo, i have upped the brightness on my camera setting too.

    xx coops xx


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