Wednesday, 30 January 2013

… the postman stinks …

So Saturday I got up and I was pretty much depressed.  You know the weather stinks, your house stinks, the kids really stink, the postman stinks cos he is here so early.  OOOOOOO Wait I recognise this handy work……..



Yes you are right if you guessed Keanu.  Yes my darling boy sent me a lovely gift box (although he did send it to Amanda to forward on) In the box was a delicious heart shaped box of choc-o-late and an edible rose and some stickers and a fabby journal from Michaels which I have been drooling over ever since Krista showed it on her blog and lastly a hand made card.


Of course I loved all my gifts but my card was so special and so thoughtful and so very me and the words inside were just wonderfully heart felt.  I am so speechless that someone could be so kind and to me of all people. 


Could you imagine how my day went after my fave boy sent me his love..  Well I certainly was cheered up and it really came at the right time.  Sometimes not often enough we need to be told how fabulous we are..


I would like to send my hunk a big huge thank you and also thank Amanda for being so kind for sending it on to me.. ;o)


  1. lol Glad you liked it <3 I was hoping you would remember that comment you made about Keanu on messenger when I was talking about what I would do with my valentine cards =P *hugs* You are an awesome lady and I really appreciate your friendship =)

  2. That was so sweet of Keanu. I can tell he is quite smitten with you. Awfully nice of Manda to decorate the box for him. She's so thoughtful hehe. Hope your having a good day hon.


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