Friday, 31 May 2013

I’m an octopus don’t you know?

Good afternoon.  I hope you are all well lovelies.  The sun is shining here in sunny Clacton although its not a powder blue sky, I’m not complaining..  I thought I would pop in and show you what, I have been up to over the weeks of absence.  I currently have an hour on my hands while I wait for the walls to finish drying in the bathroom to add the last and final coat, while I wait for the last of the washing to finish drying and while I wait for it’s time to put dinner on.  And I guess all those things are going to be all at the same time.  BWAHAHAHAHA!! I’m an octopus don’t you know?  LOL!

The Dog Hogger is not letting anyone near ‘HER’ new cushion..  Yeah right!

I was inspired to make this from a new little blog I have found and as you know I do like to silently stalk blogs.  I have had Annie’s Place on my rss feed for a while and I really love her creations.  I adore the way she writes her stuff and I enjoy reading her. 

I really can’t remember what yarn it was I purchased and how much it was, but I do know it was from ebay lol..  I love the muted colours on this and its really lovely to work with.   I have enough to do a really small project with it.  I am doing cushion covers at the moment for my living room.  I think that sometimes the cushions can look dull and need a breath of life in them.

Slightly wonky but that’s why it’s unique.  I just totally love these colours on here.

OOOOOOO Have you heard about the new pay it forward on pinterest.  Apparently pinterest has launched in the uk?  I’m a tad confused cos I have been using it for a few years lol..  Oh well I think it’s a fabulous idea. I have found so many new boards to follow..  Love it! I can find everything there and know what the heck the link is lol.  Rather than book mark it and then think what’s this or where did I put that link..  Oh where, oh where lol!! I’m a link loser.  I find something then love it and lose it.  GRRRR anyhooooooo pinterest is good for a link loser like me ha ha aha ha.

Anyhooooooo tiddly hum ho  to the bathroom I go to finish that job finally. 

Have a truly spectacular day xx


  1. really gorgeous cushion paula.the soft colours are so pretty :D

    xx coops xx

    1. Thank you. I am so happy with the colours. I do like a little bit of softness. Although when you see the colour of the bathroom be pre warned that you will need scientific lenses to look at it LOL! xx


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