Thursday, 30 May 2013

erm it’s may!

Hello loves long time no see.  I hope you are all fabby out there in your corner of the world.  I know it has been a disgustingly long time since I have been here.  He ho tiddly oh, such is life and it’s been super duper busy..  Remember I got the new job, well I have spent a lot of time fixing, mending, organising and re-organising and that’s going tickety boo for now.  (shitting hell this font is small – must change it!) Also I have been training for counselling and I have a client.  I know just the one and it’s a simple case, thankfully, I don’t think I would be ready to dabble in anything too complicated.  I am still shadowing a colleague learning the way she works and the watch and learn method is really working well.  Also I am mentoring a student at school who is a wonderfully bright child but errrrrrrrrr yup lets leave it there.  So it all does seem very busy and it is and I am kinda getting back into a little routine.    I have began my GCSE maths which I am feel like an LSD overload victim.  Yah I am totally brain dead with maths.  I did want to get lots done this week but I decided to paint the bathroom.  That's another story for another day lol.


As you have noticed I have had a make over.  Finally after forever searching for the perfect theme I found it.  My little frweend Sandra from Cherry Heart directed me to a wonderful site called Pugly Pixels very helpful site, and home of my new template.  Of course I can’t leave nothing alone so I will be changing it up and down lol!!!  I want to get some pics of my projects and on going projects..  Now don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t think I will be putting any logo’s on here. well not yet anyway.  I just hate clutter and so I have a blog roll and will be using that to link to those I have subscribed in my rss feed.  I’m not going to promote those I don't read sorry! 


I have been crafting, and it’s a perfect amount.  I have made a few baby shower baskets and blanket, which I totally forgot to take a piccy of bahhhhh!  I have made a few cards (showcased above) and I have finished a few crochet projects, which I have yet to photograph.


I must say I am really enjoying life, even though sometimes it does throw you a lemon or two, I have a fabby backhand and bat them straight back bahahahahaha…

Happy Thursday.


  1. Loving the new look, nice and clean and chic! My only comment would be maybe to consider having some sort of blog logo or something that says your blog name a little bigger. You want people to remember where to come back too. But, maybe you're not done yet, I don't know!

    Anyway, I love your cards and the stripy wonders blanket looks good too.

    S x

    1. Hiya Sandra thanks for the visit and the comment. Yeah I am working on a logo, I can't seem to find a logo I like. I did one one pic monkey and it looked POOOOOO lol!

  2. hiya paula.glad to see you are ok hun and settling into your the new blog look, its really clean and fabulous cards you have made too :D

    xx coops xx

    1. Thanks Coopsie xx It has taken me a while and I am still learning new stuff. Thanks for the comments from the cards it means a lot coming from you xx


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