Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2 inches shorter

Woot!! The little one went back to school today..  Actually he isn't so little he is about 2 inches shorter than me lol.. Last school term we had a little bit of trouble with getting up in the morning.  So we have come to some agreement.  Lets hope one of us (not saying which one lol) keeps to the deal.

We bought a slow cooker today.  I hate cooking end of story..  So this way it cooks itself.  Although I do plan to do more cooking this year (something i say every year lol)

Anyhooo moving swiftly along.  I finished my card… Here have a looksee


Hmmm I am not sure about it really lol..  But still I am still learning.  I do like the colours, very soft.

I did some gardening today…………… *Bats eyelashes*


Paper flower gardening is always the best lol..


  1. A slow cooker is the crafter's best friend. Definitely. Watch out for those two inches - my boy used to be two inches shorter than me - now he is a foot taller!

  2. Ih tell me about it Sian. My eldest looms over me lol! Feel sorry for my mum she is the shortest and we all loom over her lol...


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