Saturday, 7 January 2012

I stamp 298764321 images

I have had a eureka moment!! Say what?  I hear you cry.  Yes I have discovered 2983746 years after you guys. Rock a Block Stamp rockers!! What?  Stamp rockers! Yeah I know crazy I know. So I out came my new rock a blocks and OH EM GEEEEEEEEE!! They stamp beautifully they really do.  I never buggered it up at all.  Usually when I stamp, I stamp 298764321 images and pick the best one..  Anyhooo below is the set I bought!


Oh aright its not perfect but then neither and I lol.. I think I pressed a little to hard like I would..  So Thumbs up for crafters companion.


I finished my other card.  I know I am getting better every time I make one they are coming out nicer and nicer.  I am pleased with it, even if i have to say so myself.


I started painting a new stamp for the boys granddad.  This one i picked up in the range and its a Fizzy Moon I think!!!!!! hmmmm


Oh well another crafting moment over..  See you next time x

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  1. Oh Flutt you crafty lil devil. Those are gorgeous!


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