Sunday, 10 July 2011

Winding Down.

Well hello my long lost people.  Actually though it was me who was long lost, but hello when you find out what I’ve be up to you will wonder why I’m not in a mental ward..
So since the last time we spoke I’ve had a trip to London, a wild time, 2 birthdays, a end of year disco, a mammoth cake making week, a shock to my system and to top it off a jab to my foot.
For Sonny’s birthday I said I would take him and a friend out for the day.  He chose Woburn Safari Park, oh it was lovely.  The animals were bouncing all over the place, mum was proposed to by a Rhino and the monkeys left footprints all over my car.  I did get any pics simply because I was driving and mum was filming with her camera, but I will try and figure out how to get a video here or on you tube and you can see for yourself how close we were to the animals.
Charlie was lucky enough to go back to London this year.  I found out the week before he could go so that was like a rush a round getting all his bits and bobs together.
My baby Charlie was 18 OH EM GEEEE!!!!!  He has gone from this……My little 1lb 13oz baby
to this………
My handsome little boy to this ……
My fabulous Young Man..  Oh how handsome is he!!!!…  Congrats Char for getting to 18 and getting though all the trials and tribulations of your life..  Love ya Loads moany bum xxxxx
Charlie chose to go to Clacton Pier and Sonny invited everyone and his aunt.  It was a great day it really was and I was surprised at how many people turned up here is a little list and I thank you all for coming
Jo Turner and her family, Carol Munday, Tamsin Beattie, Sarah, Harry and James Knapp, Nicola Alves and their friend Mel and Guy, my BFF Gina and her family Claire and James, Sally Booth along, Marie, Brian and Mark Folkes, Shazza Mumfy Mumford, Charlie, Sonny and Me!  It was a day to remember..  Thanks guys for making the boys birthday so special xSDC11190
Miss Munday with Zoe and Sonny.SDC11176Harry and James
Tams and Sonny
Sarah and Char
The Melted Mario Cake
Marie being Roy
All smiles before the ride, I was laughing so much at Sarah I couldn’t get a picture lol
Tams on the Dodgers.
Tams, Sonny and Zoe on the bikes.
Arsoles to you say Gina, Claire and James lol!!SDC11191
My BFF Gina xxxx
Me and My BFF
At the Year 9 Leavers Party

Tams and Sonny Awwwww!SDC11195
BFF with her mint choc chip diet Ice cream.  Seen as it was her birthday Mr Muldoone treated her..
BFF And Julie Claxton
Dickie Nibbling his ice cream.

Tamsin and Sonny’s first Dance AWWWWWWW!!!
So yes a really busy time.  All I have now is the RACE FOR LIFE this saturday and then I’m done.. 
Happy days readers…  Thanks for staying with me xxxx

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