Friday, 4 November 2011

Long Time No See…


(Above me looking out the window all forlorn.. *sniff*)

Well what can I say?  The was nothing to report other than the fact I was sitting in my chair festering about the fact I was missing the summer and the fact there were so many things I wanted to do, but couldn’t.  But I soon fell into that dreaded place called depression.  And it was hard for me to paint on the brave face every day and tell everyone I was ok..  Hopefully now I am out the other side..  The boot is off hooray!!! I’m hobbling around and driving..  Next step is back to work when the physiotherapy department discharge me..

I am back to getting crafty (something I neglected to do).  My mood is lifting slowly the more I get around.  It really does make you think about how on earth others cope.  Luckily there is a light at the end of my tunnel but others are not so fortunate and now I am more aware that when someone is a little bit grumpy with me there maybe another reason why that maybe not the fact they are just rude and mean.

So me being crafty I have crocheted up some little things..  Actually it was great. I bought some lovely chunky wool and made three little jackets from that, this is the smallest one.


Yes I know my photography is something to be desired and I probably should have used a small hanger lol..  But still this was so easy and fun to do..

A little close up of the curlews


I got this pattern from Annie’s Attic Scrap Crotchet.  A really lovely little book I swiped from amazon for a few pounds.. I didn’t have the wool in my stash because I did make three, but for under £20 this wasn’t a bad price either.  There is a little hat to make but I have run out of wool.  I am working on a shawl too it’s kind of my own pattern and has gone awfully wonky so I need to undo and do the wonky bit again lol..  Oh well..  That’s me so far..  And just to make you sick, I only need to get one Christmas prezzie LOL!!!!

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  1. Get yourself a nice cozy drink and go out and get some sunlight while you crochet or do other crafts.

    Your little jacket turned out beautiful!


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