Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Most Poo day of 2010 (so far)

I am so pleased yesterday is over, what a day I had.  Bedlam???  YES!! Let me give you a little run down..

7am - The clock alarm hoots off like a foghorn and I stick to the ceiling in fear only to realise it's the alarm.  So after about 2 minutes sleep I rise from my slumber and head for the shower

8am - So far so good, I drive the kids to school, where we have a very interesting conversation about body parts falling off, blood, guts and gore.  Lucky for me I am not a queasy kinda girl.

8:30am - Mum bids farewell she is off to bed after a 12 hour night shift

9am - I start preparing the bathroom for tile cleaning and painting

9:30am - The phone starts ringing, but I hear the last few rings, panic fall over the steamer wire and luckily my built in air bags save my nose from being broken.  Now I have inverted airbags and the phone has rung off.

9:15am - It's Mr F. senior calling about Sonny's laptop (that's a whole different story)

9:20am - It's Mr F. Jr calling about Sonny's computer (again a whole different story)

Anyhooo I shan't bore you to death with all the details but I shall say that the phone did not stop ringing for 2 hours.  So between phone calls, texts and other stuff I finally managed to get into the bathroom around 11:15am..  I certainly wasn't pleased as I wanted to finish by 12.. Ha such hope! Back into the bathroom finished scrubbing the tiles and started the painting....  Mum reappeared about 12:30am and I just needed to clean up my mess and wait for the paint to dry before putting everything back in it's place...

I dunno why I am slightly mental but it's obviously that part of my brain doesn't work..  Why you ask?  Well take a look at this...

White Hand Gang

This is the sole reason not to test if paint is dry with your whole hand....  I am now an official member of the white hand gang...  You can join too it's free and easy..  Just paint anything white, dab your hand in the paint while it is still wet to see if its dry.

The phone calls from Mr F and Mr F was coming and I was answering them as well as cooking and replacing bits and bobs in the bathroom..  this was around 4pm and that's when my world started to melt..  While I was cooking I decided to check the boiler as I do every so often to see if all is well.  And there it was staring at me full on.. The water pressure was no longer reading a healthy 1.5, oh NOOOOOOOO it was reading a very unhealthy 3.8..  I am not one to panic in times of crisis, well not on the outside anyhoo..  Quickly thinking ( which is a very rare thing for me too do) I turned off the boiler and waited for it too cool.  After dinner the reading was the same..  I drained probably 10 litre's of water before  I thought to myself "this ain't right!" LOL!! (who would have thought it eh!)  Back to the boiler I went and fiddled about with the tap..  I put Sonny and mum on pressure watch while I drained more and more..

"The pressure is down to 2.5." Mum said. "No wait it's back up!" She shrieked!!

Rolling my eyes I thought, well the boiler must be filling up..  Where's the manual?  Ahhhhhh with all my malarkey locked safely in my little steel box..  Where's the key?  Ahhhhh mum has the key for safe keeping..

"Where is the key Mum?"

"What key?"

"The key to the box!"

"You have it?"

"Noooo I gave it to you to keep safe."

"I dunno then?"

Searching, searching searching.  I then become rather bored with searching and went to pick the lock.  At this time Sonny is in fits of laughter seeing me trying to pick the lock to my box to get the manual to the boiler out.  The lock picking doesn't work and I reach for a screwdriver and wrenched the lock right off the box.  Yippeeeee!! One manual retrieved.  Well that's no good it's not telling me where the fricking mains tap is.  Or it might have been, but my patience had really frayed by then..

I call Mr F. Jnr.

"Mark how do you turn the boiler off?"

"why do you want to turn it off?

"No I don't, I just want to stop it from filling up again."

"Turn the tap off"

"I can't"


"Cos I can't figure out which way is off."

In typical male style his answer was .....

"Off is vertical, as if you were standing up, and on is horizontal as if you were laying down.."

For those of you who know me know that I never took kindly to that and told Mr.F to get stuffed..  Anyhooo to cut a long story short Mr F. (Now known as peter the plumber) came to the rescue with his hose pipe ( get your filthy minds out of the gutter)..  He turned the tap off we drained off the excess water and HOLY HANDBAGS the boiler is all safe and sound thanks to Mr F.

Today Mum and I had a pleasant time, I was buying up a shop of fabric ( retail therapy is always the best remedy until you realise you spent more than you should have.) I treated myself to a light box for tracing, hence to say the blooming thing don't work lol TYPICAL!  I came home and cleared out my hallway cupboard.

I have a spaceYay!! I have space..  Oh Wait!

I also sorted out my felt, which I think I might be slightly obsessed by and filled the space with this....

I might have a problemYes that is stacked nicely on the sofa, I told Mum never ever to let me buy any more felt..  Am I felt insane???

I found out my partner in the colour swap over at Dolly Dollop's I am really looking forward to getting to know Miss Country Girl..  The nice thing is that she doesn't live to far from me, which might be a good thing in the future?  Who knows..  The craft community is really new to me and it will be nice to have a friend..

Anyhoooo this must be the longest post of 2010, so I shall bid you good night all..

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