Saturday, 27 October 2012

I Am…

Officially a first aider.  I passed my course and if you need CPR then I am your girl, but please don’t vomit on me it could be dangerous to your health..

I am so way behind with things it’s unreal so what I decided to do is put all my ‘way behind’ pictures in with a little caption.  Or I am never gonna catch up..  Here goes and be warned it is picture heavy.

SDC11894Stupid Dog..  Do you have one too, or is it just me?

SDC11950Sonny made a Gateaux at school, I wondered if it tasted fabby cos I never even got to sniff it  lol!!

Gift note for a work colleague
Sick note for a work colleague (actually my boss, does that make me a bum crawler? bwahahahahaha!)

Teddy from Kay and Taharnie for my birthday. His name is Bernard.
A pomander from Viv
Flowers from Gina x
Roses from Travis and Mackenzie

Bigger not always better bwahahahaha!

Finally a scarf mum knitted for Mackenzie just becauseSDC11907SDC11903SDC11904SDC11905SDC11906

I dunno though if her modelling skills are ready for the cat walk just yet! 

Anyhooo that’s me all picture up to date ready to share new ones when I take them.

Hope you are all well xx


  1. Haha what is that on the dogs head? That made me chuckle.

  2. BHAHAHAHAH!! That's my head band lol!! Silly Ole Dog!


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