Sunday, 8 June 2014


I have a huge box of this


Which I am planning to get rid of because I am just hording and hording and yes you got it HORDING!!!! ARGHHHH!! LOL! 


I was inspired by Sandra's Desert Pillow and decided well that's a really good stash buster, which its proving not to be.  The yarn is still over flowing lol!! Naughty me yes!!  Mental note to oneself..  DO NOT BUY UNLESS YOU NEED!!


I wonder how many of us actually stick to that rule of thumb!? BWAHAHAHAHHA!!

Have a great week x


  1. Hi there Paula, I'm sure it would look fantastic if you had the time to make it :0)

  2. (((Flutter)))) You make the most beautiful and amazing things, I know you will find many ways to use your overflowing stash. xx-oo-xx


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