Monday, 7 July 2014

Remembering to remember…

I am such a lame blogger.. Yeah I know…  I have no excuses except that I just forget to share all my news…  So lets get to it.

I can’t remember if I told you my decision to get out there and try new stuff..  Well last weekend me and a friend of mine ventured off to Leeds Castle..  I really had a good day and even though it showered on and off through out the day, it was lovely.  I laughed and played all over the grounds and castle which was well needed.  I must admit for me it was a huge thing, usually I only venture out with my mum and I am realising I really have to start relying on myself.  Anyhoooo moving along it was a wonderful, wonderful day.

leeds castle Collage

These week in the crochet hub.  I finished my little cushion that was inspired by Cherry Heart


With the back I had a small great stinking blooper.. Yay there I was all finished… Wait NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I had it all sewed up and everything but forgot (again that big forgetting word lol!) I forgot the piggin’ button holes….  So back I go and add them in *SIGH*


Didn’t come out too bad huh!…  Lastly over this weekend, I had finished my assignment (studying behaviour management) and I thought i would make a bunny for  someone who is having a baby..  I was very impressed with myself as I really hate making toys…  Like super extra HATE..  Mine always come out like demons..  LOL!!!


I shall call him Frederick and he shall be loved forever..

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  1. I am so jealous I would love to go to a castle. Beautiful cushion and tha bunny is super cute ADORABLE!!!


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