Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Me and ma homies…..

The Homeboys are all settled now.  I moved them in to their little habitat and they were wiggling around so much that one fell off.  Anyhoo we were told that if we left him he should emerge, but I tell you..  I am not feeling it..



If you have ever watched the film Alien and liked it.  These are pretty much the same without all the slime..  If you never liked Alien then don’t do butterflies lol..


My poor old guy at the bottom I hope he makes it….

The babies are now in cocoon or chrysalis form and should be emerging in a few days.  I have my flowers ready and all I have to do is add the nectar and boom.. Healthy butterflies..  I am secretly wanting them to hurry up..  I want to see them already lol.. Yes, yes patience is a virtue.


Does anyone else have a scatty dog?  Or is it just me?

Astri’s La Vie En Rose Afghan, started already, I know, I can hear you all screaming at me about all the other millions of WiP’s that I have all over the place, but I really LUrVe this..


I never did too well at Slimming club this week.  But hey, when one stuffs her face, one will get a +2lb huh!!  However, <insert very loud cheering and whooping here> Sonny my boy has done fantastically well and lost 6lbs this week.  WOW!! That’s 11lb in 2 weeks and he is determined to get his stone next week..  I hope he does it, there is nothing more inspiring than your own efforts paying off…


  1. Good luck with the butterflies & I have a very comical 8 month old Westie that moonwalks when playing ball with my son!
    Jane xx

  2. I cannot wait to see these butterflies! It never occurred to me that you cold have butterflies as a pet..... I assumed you could encourage them in the garden, EXCITED xx

  3. Aww butterflies, I want to meet them.


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