Thursday, 27 January 2011

I’m Here!

Howdy all, at last I have moved all my stuff over to blogger.  Not that I have stopped blogging.  It’s just that hosting is becoming more expensive these days and I must admit I don’t blog as often as I would like.

Anyhooo I haven’t seen you since last year, so I am hoping you all had a fabulous Christmas and wonderful new year.  I didn’t set any goals this year.  I never set any goals any year to be honest.  Simply because I think that goal setting can be achieved anytime through out the year, and if you do happen to stray from them you are not gonna feel like a big blooping failure, just because you broke a new years resolution.

Our Christmas was great, but it was the time when a great sickness hit our humble home.  Charlie boy was sick from Christmas eve right up until a few days before he went back to school.  Then Sonny boy, picked up the slack and was ill for a week, then Charlie was sick again, and Sonny, then Mum and Me.  So basically for a month I have been playing Florence Nightingale, or sick patient.  I’m pretty much bored of it now.

Anyhooo today I was stumbling away from my bed of death and I came across this really wonderful site.  I think you might be interested in.  There are lots of patterns and some tutorials. It’s called My Picot and the patterns there are really lovely indeed.  Have a check out and let me know.  This is one of my favourites.  I don't think my crocheting skills have reached this standard yet put even so, I would not hesitate to have a go.

floral medallion

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful day x

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  1. (((FLutter)))) Awwwww hugs to you all, I had no idea everyone was sick, oodles of huggles and kissies.

    Awesome site but I have no idea on how to crotchet or knot besides that my artistic side is below zero.

    I was going to change to blogger but I don't know how to use it.

    Luv ya


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