Saturday, 2 February 2013

A Patch of Spring…

This Possibly may be the most famous grassy wreath on the internet lol.. So of course I just had to make one.  Mum keeps touching it every time she goes by it.  Which mean my grass may become worn, I will have to change the sign to please do not fondle the grass bwahahahahaha..  I have hung it on the top door to my little flat and when you come in from the cold you see it and for some reason it does make you have a little smile..



I couldn’t help myself I had to add the butterflies otherwise how would you know its mine lol? I would love to to make your own and just drop me a line or a comment and I will come and visit your patch of spring.

You can find Patty’s Tutorial to make your very own patch of spring here


  1. Oh Paula I adore it - I can see why your mum has to touch it!

    Gina x

  2. I love it! You've got me all inspired to make one too!
    xXx Helen

  3. That is so pretty Paula!! Beautiful job xoxo.


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