Monday, 4 October 2010

Shhhh!! Don't tell the Doc...

Yes I am being super naughty. I am supposed to be on complete rest for my wrist. Let me tell you it's the hardest week ever. I've been in the throws of feeling sorry for myself. I'm on strict orders to keep my wrist as still as possible, which means, no ironing (*bursts into tears with glee*), no baking (I can't hold the whisk), no crocheting, (no repeat movements), no using the mouse, (no repeat movements) no knitting (see notes before), no nose picking ( I can use the other hand though)....

So he gave me a strap on ...... OH STOP IT!!!!!!! It's a strap on wrist brace. I have to wear it all the time. Oh buggering hell it's annoying lol. Although I take it off to drive (I'm not supposed to grip anything, it's a good job I'm single *snort*) So crafty wise, I've got nothing to show you *SIGHHHHHHHHHH*

But I thought I would share this picture of my 3 favourite people in the whole world.  This was when we visited Land's End back in august.  It's totally my zone to be there.  Knowing if I go any further I would fall right off England (Don't tell the Cornish I said that they will have a fit that I said England and not Cornwall *titter titter*) Yeah it's really a great place to be.  I love it there totally!  If you haven't been, I would suggest a good pair of walking shoes and a brolly.  I could just be there forever, but you know looking out at the sea is not everyone's cuppa tea.

From left to right

Charlie-Poo, Mummy-Poo & Sonny-Poo xxx

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