Saturday, 23 August 2014


Hello and happy Saturday.  Yesterday was so weird, I just kept thinking it was Thursday??  Its like those moments you get when you walk into a room and think hmmm what am I here for?  Anyhooo here are a few pics when Sonny and I went to Edinburgh and York.  We absolutely loved it and yes we or I will definitely be back next year.


I decided to make the trip and not drive, looking back yes it was a lovely but super exhausting weekend.  We went with a tour company called Newmarket Holidays which provided suitable travel for the weekend as well as all the arrangements.  On the way up to Edinburgh we stopped of in Harrogate and visited a little tea shop (a rare thing down here in Essex) well I must say it was absolutely delish.  It’s called Betty’s and after about a 30 minute wait we finally made it through the door. 


All I can say is WOW!! Sonny and I had Welsh Rarebit or posh cheese on toast for us commoners.  We are both watching our weight so we skipped the yummies below.


We visited The Royal Pump Museum which we couldn’t take pictures.  We had a good old sniff of the sulphurous wells and it absolutely stank.  If you visit do not take a good whiff, really don’t do it!


Opps!! Bwahahahaha! Sonny a light weight sleeping on the coach..


EDINBURGH at last…  The most stunning city I have seen so far.  There is so much to do and see one day was just not enough, not by far.




Holyroodhouse Palace.. The official palace of the queen..  HMMMMM! old and cold as they are, again no pictures allowed of the inside.  Sonny wondered if they had a golden throne ( a loo that was made of gold).  I said yeah but not for us mere peasants LMAO!!



While we were at Edinburgh the Fringe Festival was going on, I was a little upset that we never had time to browse as much as I would have liked, but it was fun to see the many, many crazy people out on the streets.


The finale The Edinburgh Tattoo, it was amazing, I mean awesome.  I am so blessed to have seen it and even though the heavens opened and we were frozen half to death, I am so PROUD to be Brit.  I am proud of our country and our heritage and I am proud to have such a great taskforce to protect us.   If one thing you do in your life, this is one that should be included on your bucket list.  It’s quite overwhelming and emotional..


Our last stop was at York and I will be visiting there for a good few days.  It was a wonderful and busy city.  I really am looking forward to going back to explore.  This is Mister its huge you can see it all over York.



All in all a wonderful weekend



  1. It looks like a really fun trip. Your silly smile always makes me giggle. That food looks delish too! My mom used to make Welsh Rarebit and I called it Welsh Rabbit as a kid. I am 40 years old and she still teases me about it. Keep that smile!

  2. I'm a bit jealous, I love a good castle


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