Friday, 22 August 2014


Our main holiday this year was in a very beautiful part of the UK but off land called Isle Of Wight…  It was actually very amazing.


I must say the weather was amazing when we went and it was like a small tropical island.


We had plenty of these.. Cream Teas so Fresh and fabboo.. 



Shanklin the most picturesque little village ever I totally love it here!


The Needles Park, none of us were brave enough to go down to the needles but just look at the view and look at the colour of the water..


When we went to Ventnor beach there was a rare sighting of the sea creature Sonnyfolkesaurus..  Very hard to capture - a gentle giant..


Shanklin Beach


We visited the circus LOL!!! It was so funny and yeah we enjoyed it too even though there was only 8 people in the audience ha ha ha!


My room mate.  We couldn’t work out if he was a cricket or grasshopper.  I am thinking more grasshopper, I think crickets are more browny in colour.  (answers on a postcard bwahahahahaha!)


We visited a butterfly house which was lovely


We visited an Alpca farm where I could not resist the yarn.. Pic’s to come later lol!


All in all it was a very lovely time, if you have young children its really worth a visit.  There is much to do for them in rain or shine.  For teenagers, hmmmm depends if they like beach life.  For adults and older people brilliant for culture, walks and views but be careful it can be really hilly and mum with her knock knees just could not manage the hills and to be honest they were a struggle for me too.

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