Thursday, 28 August 2014

..painted lady butterfly’s..

It’s creepy and its’ kooky, it’s just a little spooky….  Well know these little bambino’s are my painted lady butterfly’s.  Well not at the moment they are just caterpillars.  As everyone knows I love butterfly's and when we were in IOW we went to the butterfly house and there I bought a kit..  Yeah can you imaging my gleeful squeals as I ran to the counter to pay?  So in the kit you get a voucher to redeem at insect lore for the larva, you get a butterfly house, which I will show you as my babies grow and you get all the information to get your butterflies all good and healthy.  I received them last Wednesday and in a week they have doubled in size.  I am looking at them now and they are nearly as big as conga eels honestly! I hope they don't learn how too open the lids bwahahahaha!!!

PicMonkey Collagecreepies

This week I lost another 2.5lbs at Slimming World..  Sonny and I go and he lost 5lbs <insert a big puff up of the proud mum chest>.  Mum made a steak and onion pie from the fake away books and it was actually really nice..  I am not one for making things I don't like to save ‘syns’  I would rather just eat normal but less.

PicMonkey Collagepie

On the crochet front.  I found this wonderful, beautiful pattern.  The thing is I had to order it from etsy and it cam all the way from Canada.   It’s called the circle of love blanket and its in a little pamphlet booklet called baby snuggles.  It is discontinued, but I am sure there are a few of them floating around somewhere.

PicMonkey Collage cirlceoflove

This pattern is sooooo easy.  I made all 36 centres and I only started it last night.  I haven't been on it constantly either. 

Anyhooo I am off for now and I hope that I can keep up with my blogging and I hope you enjoy my rambles xxx

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