Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Sprinkle of Glitter

Howdy y’all (ooo how American of me lol!) I hope you are doing fabby in this fresh weather?  I think today was the coldest for me.  Mum and I popped over too Dedham, well really too the farm shop that is up the road.

(Picture Courtesy of Hall Farm)>

We ordered a capon chicken, which I have never had, it was recommended to me that they are much nicer than your regular clucker..  So that's all ordered and ready to be picked up for Christmas.  I used to buy turkey but seen as its really just Mum, Sonny and me who eat it, lots goes to waste.  So I get an extra large chicken which is my preference anyway.  Can I just say the stuff in the farm shop is so scrummy but also ridiculously priced.  We literally go there for a treat a few times a year. 

Anyhoooo guess what I did… No! OK then let me tell you.  While I was farting about I happened to stumble across this site..  I AM IN LOVE, the wonderful talent who draws these little scrummies is Linnette and her little site Paper Glitter.  There is so much colour on this site my eyes were just popping.  Check her out and let me know what you think..  I downloaded some Christmas check lists which are sooooo handy, Thank you Linnette x 

Anyhooo Happy Saturday and have a wonderful Sunday x

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