Sunday, 30 December 2012

Notice Anything Different?

Seriously how cute is my ultimate fantasy of being a mermaid.  I think I do it well..  I have Amanda over at Faery Ink to thank for my little Bambi girl..  I know she does custom blog design and her prices are ridiculously cheap, so hop over and see what she can do for you. So check out her graphics site here.

So Christmas came, went and now we are doing the new year countdown.  YIPPPEEEE!! For me it’s going to be an exciting year. I don’t know why it’s going to be exciting but I do feel in my bones that something happy is going to happen.  I’m hoping that my card making skills are going to be improved or my colouring skills ooooooo I don't know, I don't know….  Anyhoo while I wait for what God has in store for me this year I thought I would show you how wicked and evil my mum is..  This is how I spent Christmas..


Yes snotty, sneezy, coughy, puffy and basically death warmed up..  Did I get sympathy?  OHHHHH NO Not I! You know I never wonder any more why I am single ha ha ha ha!

Anyhooo onto some nicer stuff..  I managed to get some colouring done and make a scrap page..  I did try and copy Krista’s ombre hair tut..  HMMMMM!! Yeah didn’t really work did it LOL!!  But I got the gist of what I was supposed to be doing. 



So I did some doodling..  I kinda like the page I did because I put lots of colours in there..  I loved colouring in Amanda’s image.  Her art work is sooooooooo different, in a quirky cute kinda way..  You can check out her Etsy Store or her blog Faery Ink I am sure she would love a visit…

Anyhooo I suppose I best get dinner on the go.  It was nice to see Mr Sunshine today but sadly he is on his way now BOOOOOO…

Have a great day and thank you for visiting..  OOOOO and before I go.  I would like to thank the followers for following, it really means something that I’m not droning on and on to the empty space.  So thank you guys for listening x


  1. oh no paula, sorry to hear you were unwell but oh my word your pic is so funny, love your ombre hair colouring too :D

    xx coops xx

  2. Poor Paula :( That is no way to spend Christmas. I hope you feel better soon <3 I think your ombre hair came out purdy!!! And all those colors you used... *squeee* love it!

  3. Awww she is so cute! I dig the ombre hair. And you... you mah dear are a precious little nibble of delight with those tampons hanging out of yer noseholes. Hope ya feel better sweetcheeks.

  4. Thanks loads for following my blog Paula :) I am sorry your Christmas was pretty awful. I think you did pretty good with the ombre hair, practice makes perfect and I am sure you will nail it completely with another go. Happy New Year and all the best for 2013!!!!!!


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