Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Big Knit

How do lovelies. This is just a run through note, which goes kinda like this ~~>

Today when I was stalking my facebook account, I saw that Surf Jewels had written a message about innocent hats.  Being the nosy frog face that I am I just had to check this out.  I'm blinking glad I did.  It's a charity thing for age uk.

Not that I am not a charitable person, I am, but I would rather give things than money, becasue then at least you know that the things are going to be used and how they are going to be used.  So I've signed myself up (I also printed my mum a copy of the pattern *grin* while she is at work and don't know yet! I shall just sneak the stash, needles and pattern on her craft box) for The Big Knit which has been kindly supported by Innocent Smoothies.

If you are a knitter, it would be great if you could join in too.

Thanks to Surf Jewels for bringing this to my attention xx

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  1. Hey you, just poppin in to smack you around. Miss you!


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