Saturday, 7 August 2010

♪♫ Mr Big Shot, who do you think you are? ♪♫

Happy Saturday everyone..  What a blooming funny ole week?  The weather has been up and down like a pair of whore's draws *snort* ( I so love that phrase!)...... Ahem! So yes my week has been really strangeish..   Even though I have been like super dooper busy keeping the twitlets entertained, I've managed to get so much crafting done.  I know, how? I have no idea?..

Wooooot! Yes I finally finished my throw. (Pattern can be found here)  Though it's like half the size I thought, simply my calculations of wool was really off..  Anyhooo for a first try, I learned my mistakes.

I finished off Archie the Scottie. (Pattern used with permission from Allsorts) Learned some more things here, like all about getting your seam allowance right is critical.

♪♫ Mr Big Shot, who do you think you are? ♪♫  Yes I've invested in one of these.  Mum has already stolen it..  I had been looking for a cutter for ages.  I didnt want anything flash and complicated.  Pecfectomundo!! ( No I dont actually think that is a word.)

♫ I ain't got nobody ♪ Yes a pair of legs ..

" Do you think I have alapecia? "
" No dear I haven't finished your hair yet? "
*Rolls eyes*

This is Flora, (mum named her I don't think she has anything to do with the marge) she goes with my mum's flopsie.  This is the first rag doll I have ever made, and it took me about half a day, and that was the hair that took up most of that.  Once I had worked out the pattern it was really easy. I did unpick a few times, but that's all about learning what not to do.  I do really need to learn how to do doll hair.  I am naff at it..  I loved the legs I think that's the best part of Flora!  I don't think I did too bad this week, considering I have been out most of it lol.

I'm The whole family (except super Char) are totally addicted to supernatural.  We are on season 4 already, though I am sure I missed half of it, I just have that feeling. Once we have picked mum up from work we have our dinner then settle down for an evening of supernatural.  I can't stop watching.  The really funny thing is that you know whats coming and you know what is going to happen, yet we still watch on lol..  It's been along time since I was addicted to something.  I think the last thing was Angel or Charmed.  Yeah I am a fantasy geek.  I love it!

Anyhooooo time to do some laundry before I go off blog hopping.

Have a great Saturday xx

Oh, oh before I forget.  I just want to say thank you to the people who are reading me and commenting, it means loads xxx

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