Monday, 23 August 2010

Teeny Weeny Lemon Squeezy ..

Ahhh today I am going to tell you all about Babbacombe Model Village.  Whoever knows me, knows I have an attention span of a gnat, so walking round this was really quick.  It wasn't for Charlie-poo-bum, he was side tracked by the railway,  but Sonny absolutely loved it.

The place is huge with all kinds too see.  There are buttons to push so you can find out about that little piece of design.  It's very interactive.  I saw lots of pointing fingers there.  I guess for younger children it's quite boring but older ones it's very exciting becasue there is so much to see.

There was a little challenge which the kiddles had to find the eggs to win a prize.  Which I think was good because at least the children had to look everywhere.  But on the other hand I think they could have been so busy looking for the eggs that they wern't looking at anything else.  HMMMM!!  There was one egg that Sonny couldn't find and while Char and I sat for a drinky he went off and had another look .   I followed the 'where's wally' (also known as Waldo, wally just sounds nicer lol!) challenge, which was not as easy as it looked until..................

Yup there he was propped up on his walking stick...  LOL!! I did like that, but then I like Where's Wally anyway.

Of course the gift shop was my fave.  I brought a fairy there, the one that's tattooed on my leg.  I will have to snap that up to show you.  All in all the cafe was very clean and welcoming, the staff were very nice and happy.  Which is always a bonus.

Overall I give this a 10/10.  There was so much to see here and it was all nicely kept.  And it was very clean..

I must say that it was very well laid out.  The pathways were nice and wide and easy to get down.  There were a few sets of toilets and snack bars.  Yeah this place was huge.  But me being me, I can't understand why people would want to stare at a teeny weeny minitures for too long..  Anyhooo I did enjoy it, I think Char enjoyed it too and loved the railway of course.

At the beginning there was a huge layout of the Eastenders set.  Char nearly wet his pant's in excitement here.  He absolutely loves Eastenders.  This is a little snippet, I mean if you do visit then you don't want it all spoiled by me and my pictures.  All the cast were there and Charlie was naming them all.  Sonny was assisting him by trying to get the names as well.  I was impressed that they knew all the characters so well..

This was impressive, (hums football theme music) every seat was taken by a little mini.  Of course I was looking for Wally LOL!!

I want to live here.  Don't you think it's just cute, how they mini-size everything?

Just incase you never got to see the real one and see the egg there sneaking up against the rocks?....

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The one lying down reminded me of me..

Yah you are not seeing things, they even had a nudest beach.  This was my fave, it really made me chuckle..

A working farm, with egg.  It's amazing, I think.  I felt like a giant.  Gullivier springs to mind!

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