Sunday, 1 August 2010

blinky bloody blimey!

Well blinky bloody blimey! What is going on with this fricken weather?  One minute it is as hot as hell, then it's raining, then it's humid like a mo fo, then it's stiffling hot again, then raining.....  Ok you get where I am going here it's been changeable..  To tell you the truth it's getting right on my tit's..  Ok moan over lol, I'm happy to just be moaning at the weather...]

SOOOOOO Happy Sunday from me to you.  How's you day been?  So far mine has been a little to busy for my relaxing sunday.  I've done the housework and laundry..  I've baked 2 batches of cookies and I'm bliggy bloggin and it's not even noon yet.  That's a wonderful day ha ha ha!!

Yesterday Sonny and I ventured into Colchester it was really bad there, weather-wise.  I mean the humidity was so bad that both he and I were just melting.  I found this little fabric shop online called fabric8 (yes indeed it took me a while to work out it was fabricate *SIGH*).  Anyhoo!! Sonny and I went for a visit, while we were in Colchester.  I forgot my camera, but you would have all been jealous, I was looking at everything, I just needed a few more sets of eyes.  Sonny pulled up a chair and happily sat melting while I browsed, browsed and had a little browse.  There were so many unusual fabrics.  I was in fabric heaven, well actually fabric 8 lol..  If you are passing there it's worth a pop in.  I will say the fabrics are a little expensive, but they are dreamy.

There's my little blanket, little being the operative word *grins*  Well I am just doing the edging, and then I shall share with you..  It has come up smaller than I expected, but then I couldn't get Debbie's wool here so I had to substitute.  Even so for my first crochted project I am pretty pleased with myself.  In january I couldn't crochet at all, but now I have learned the basics.  I still have tension problems at the begining of my projects.  But I thnk that comes with practise.

LOL!!! This is our little family.  I picked up from Dedham.  Arn't they just the cutest.  We have named them all of course after us.  The 2 larger ones are still mummy and daddy and the 4 little ones are from left to right:  Nanny Tod, Charlie, Daddy, Mummy, Paula and Sonny lol!! We are mad yes it is true.

Well I'm off to get the washing back in before the rain starts *SIGGGGGGHHHHHH*

Have a great Sunday!


  1. The weather is crazy, the high winds were unbelievably scary last night and throughout today.

    Luv ya

  2. I love the little family! That's really really cute!

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Mom. Undecided.


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