Sunday, 22 August 2010

Hotel Cimon & Babbacombe Cliff Railway

Hello all I'm back from our little 2010 Devon holiday.  I must say even though I have been really tired from all the exploration, I do also feel refreshed and relaxed and ready for the new school year.

We really did enjoy our visit.  This was our first time we had been to Devon.  I did notice a big distinction between the two counties.  When we visited Looe in Cornwall, it is much more traditional, the cornish seem to be very territorial.  They pride themselves on everything being made in Cornwall.  In Devon I did notice that they did like to label things 'Devonshire' but it wasn't as potent.  That's what I love about Cornwall.

This year we decided to stay in Devon.  We stayed in a small Bed and Breakfast called Hotel Cimon, (we can't decide whether or not it was SI-MON or CI-MON, we pronounce it the cinnamon way lol)..which was in Torquay.  The hotel was situated amoungst lots of other hotels and very central to everything.  It was a very short drive to anywhere, which made it very convienient.  It was very clean and spacious, although I will say that our bathroom was a little bit small, or it could be that Sonny and I were a tad to big?  The hosts were very relaxed and friendly as were all the staff.  The breakfasts in the morning were outstanding and no one left the table hungry.  They set up a 3 course breakfast system, fruit, cereals, breads, cooked, toast, pancakes.  I never tried the cooked, but mum and Sonny did and they said it was absolutely delish.

The hotel had a small bar, with a pool table, and plenty of games for the children to play in the just off in a small lounge area.  They did offer snacks which were extra, but great value for money.  The swimming pool wasn't huge but enough for a last dip of the day.  Also the joys of a smaller pool was I didn't lose sight of the boys.  Charlie and Sonny made use of the pool at the end of each day and were happy enough to play until the sun went down.

Overall I would give this hotel a 10/10 for everything and if I was going back to torquay I would definately stay there again.

We got up to so much I didn't want to write a bible, so I have broken it down in to visits and will show you them when I blog.  Today is Babbacombe Cliff Railway.  Blimey it was high.  I hate heights and with a vengance, so I never took any pic's.  Supermum was the photographer.

It was built in something like 1926 and takes you down to Oddicombe beach.  Trust me when I say, you don't want to walk that hill LOL!!!!

Oddicombe beach, was a funny looking beach.  I never have seen red sand, but when I looked the rock was red too.  It's a very small beach, good for eyeballing the kids and not losing them. It was also a very clean beach from what I saw.  You could hire, huts, deckchairs, wetsuits, boats etc.  Sonny was upset this day as it wasn't one of our nicest days and he didn't bring his swimming trunks.  But he did cheer himself up a lot when he found a snorkle and mask.  I must point out I did say he could go in for a swim if he wanted to do it butt nekid.  He declined *BIG TOOTHY DEVILISH GRIN*

Me hiding behind my Charlie.  Grrrrr @ heights!!

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