Monday, 5 April 2010

Favorite things about Easter

Amber Asked:

::Favorite things about Easter::

{Tell us about your Easter experience}

I posted a little bit about this the other day so this post is going to be very short..

I don't really celebrate Easter, not in the religious way that Easter is all about.  I do exchange yummy eggs though..   So I guess my favourite thing about Easter is the chocolate.  But to just post that would be a bit dull..  I like Easter because for me it does mean new life.  The earth comes to life, light springs from everywhere (when it's not raining) and the colours change from drab dreary ones to life filled boldness.

My boys' where out visiting with their dad, so I spent Easter stripping the rest of the paper from the boys room..  I also got a phone call from my builder, to say he is going to begin work on Tuesday..

Today I was clearing out the area where he will be working.  2 black bags, 1 rubble bag, one bag for charity and 2 doors came from a 4ft x 5ft space, oh the tumble dryer and a box full that is too stay.  Why I ask myself do I horde so much.  The simple answer is I forget what I have and buy another, or I buy things I really don't need.  Which I must say I have been good so far and have been practicing my frugality , only buying what I need.

So there that's been my Easter weekend.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have some photo's to show you the before, during and after shots of my kitchen..

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter xx

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  1. Well, it sounds like you got a lot done....that's always a good thing! And, the chocolate is even a better thing! Happy Easter!


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