Friday, 23 April 2010

Mess Glorious Mess


Now for those of you who know me, you know that my need for organsisation is paramount.  It's true when they say that a messy home is a messy life.  I'm telling you it's to fricken trooooooo ha ha ha ha.  My head is everywhere and on the occasion I have even had to rescue it from my butt...

Over the last few weeks I have managed to lose my mind.  First of all in tesco's then in the bathroom center.  It's not pretty, but as a result to mindloss I have mangaged to get my bathroom.  So all the materials for the kitchen and bathroom are here and ready for Vince to put in place.  The kitchen is on standstill until the plasterer has been too wave his magic trail and give me delishiously smooth walls..  So Mr Vincent started in the bathroom..  I have a shower and a toilet and today the ceiling went back up..  He has put in spotlights, I think that's so when you showering you can sing the blues at the same time..  Anyhooo!!!  One of the spotlights have an extractor fan which was really important for me because there are 4 of us showering and the room isnt that big at all..

So let me show you the progressions of this week.

Mess in the Front room (Diddle Sneaking in there ready to pounce the Dog)

Mess in the boys to be room..

Mess in the bathroom

Mess in the Kitchen..

Oh a clean  surface there just by the kettle..

On a good note the time I have been waiting around I have started the boys little comforts for the bedroom..  Obviously being boys they couldn't give two hoots about those little comforts.  But because I am a crafty mummy I am making them some pillows for their beds.  These are from Anchor really easy to do too.  The pattern is all set to go and all you have to to is match the colour to colour and it uses three colours and the stitch is cross stitch.  Easy peasy lemony squeezy..

I know I will finish it by the time the boys room is done..  I am so enjoying making the pillows..  I have decided to make all what I can for our home.

Anyhooooo I am off for now..  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.xxxxxxxx

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