Sunday, 11 April 2010

Flavoured With Dust

Oh the sun has been bright an beautiful here in Clacton this week.  I think one day rained, I can't really remember seen as I have been as busy as a bee.  Vince my lovely builder has been working so hard, making dust and noise lol.  As we all know dust is calorie free. And it has really been an eye opener..  The dust sheets do their job, but still our food is tainted with a hint of brick dust.  Nice, but very dry..

So this week lots has been going on.  Lets start with me.  I was finishing up stripping the boys skirting board, when my back went into spasm and now I am rendered useless..  BOOOOOO!! Things are going to take a little bit longer but hey ho...

I have had my loft emptied, lagged and boarded.  There was so much carpet and rugs up there it was shocking.  But on a brighter note, it's now ready for next winter..  I have had my electric's updated so now we are safer with those. The kitchen wall has come down,  I can swing a cat gerbil hamster in my kitchen.

This is how my kitchen was

This was another toilet beside my kitchen.  Not the most hygienic and I used it to store my washing machine.  Also why on earth they built 2 toilets in a flat I do not know..  As you can see by the picture you really couldn't go comfortably.  And the big yuk factor for me is why would you have a toilet next to the room where you prepare food?  EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

Looking in from the kitchen, that wall is what housed the sink..  Waste of space.  I knew if it came down then I would have at least room to twirl.

This is the after pictures.

Not much difference but a load more space..  There is room to move out there.  I know I am not going to have a huge kitchen but even as it is it , it is more functional.

I ordered all the new Almalfi units and sink from Homebase which was really nice.  The total amount came to £5973.00 both mum and I fainted, then Aaron said hang on we have discounts, I was like ooooooooooooo..  So after a %25 discount for the units and %15 discount for spending over £100 our total ended up to £2319.00 I was like YIPPEEEEEE!!!! Mum was jumping for joy all teary eyed, we were dancing in the isles..... Oh ok so it wasn't like that but in my head it was a MGM musical lol.. We paid quickly and ran out of Homebase before they changed their minds.  We then went over to Curry's for our appliances we ordered a, double oven (with £200 off), a fridge, freezer, hob and washing machine.  And I thought hello we are spending a big lot here, so I asked what he could do.  Our bill started off at £1990.00 before delivery charges.  We had to pay £44.00 for delivery, which he gave us free and then he gave us the we store for free.  Then the Manager gave us another small discount, which our bill ended up at £1849.00..  If you don't ask you wont get.  So we saved nearly £100.00 just by asking.  We were very pleased with our savings..  We also saved by employing a builder at a daily rate.  The qote we had for just knocking down the wall was £4450.  In wages and materials for last week we spent £507.00.  So we have saved all round..  I'm happy, Mum is happy and Vince is happy.  Happy all round LOL!!

Today I am chilling out resting this flipping back and I shall blog soon..

Have a wonderful week xx


  1. (((((((FLutter))))))))) WOW on those savings, you are sooooo lovable. I would of done the same thing dancing in the isles, lol, what a bargain.

    Luv ya

  2. i totally agree about the toilet besude the kitchen talk about ya yuck factor and your kitchen will be great once the alterations are done

    Have a fabbo week sweets


  3. the renos look like they are going well will be very nice im sure when they are finsihed and yea toilet beside kitchen thats really gross

    Have a great week sweets



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