Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Filled with buttercream and raspberry jam.

Good nearly afternoon my blog reading friends.  I do hope you are all jolly well and enjoying your day/evening/night?

Well I can't believe myself this week. No I really can't.  I have even amazed myself. *swoons* And, yes it's only wednesday.  This so far has been pleasantly busy.  Not too busy that I'm running round like a headless chicken.  Yet not busy enough that I'm sitting pretty staring out the windows at the gorgey guys building a brick wall *grins*

Monday I finished off the birthday cake for my monster - in - law.  I was really proud of myself because it's the first birthday cake I have made.  Usually I buy them but I thought, I can do this.  I have been following Make-a-cake Series over at Make It and Love It.  Ashley makes things look so fabulously, fabulous, I just thought ok I am going to do it.  So I did. And I made a few thousand mistakes, yet I learned from each one.

Lesson Number One Learned.

Do not drop the cake tin with the cakes still in it.  It squashes them.

Lesson Number Two Learned

Once your cakes are starting to cool, it's not wise to drop the tin with another batch on them it also squishes them.

Lesson Number Three Learned

Be Creative..  I was having so much fun with this honestly.  The mini cupcakes look really horrid colours but they were pink and blue.  I think it's the light because the flowers have come out all pretty..

I learned a multitude of lessons, doing this cake.  Above all I learned how patient I can really be. A useful lesson I learned is if your fondant is really tough.  Let your mum sit on it to soften it up.. It really worked lol.  My fondant was as hard as nails.  I had read somewhere to pop it in the microwave, but I was not that brave.  So I gave mum the packet and said sit on this!! ha ha ha ha ha!!  She did and it was really pliable..  I should have kneaded it a little more beause it cracked a little when I draped it. (See pic below)

See just on the top edges, the fondant?

Well I don't think I did a bad job on the cake.  It was a triple layer cake.  Filled with buttercream and raspberry jam.  I'm still waiting for a piece..  I don't think we will get one.  My MIL said it was absolutely delish, but then she is bias lol..

Yesterday I started piecing my pieces together for the quilt along.  So far I have 80 strips of fabric waiting for the iron and then I can piece the edges on which will complete the block.. I will post the finished blocks and all the quilters can faint and recoil in horror ha ha ha ha..

Happy days..  I LOVE creative days x

Have a great one xx

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